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  • Compact above-ground fully automatic single pump stations designed for pumping sewage and wastewater for smaller sanitary applications in situations where gravity discharge is not feasible
  • There are 4 different pump types available to suit different site conditions & applications
  • Dual pump options also available
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  • Tough PE Holding tank – 250 Litre c/w sealed bolted PE lid (trafficable rated lid option available if required)
  • Robust, Heavy duty sewage pumps – either Vortex (VX), Cutter (CR), or Grinder (GR) options available
  • Lightweight – easily handled & installed by 1 man
  • Space Saving – all below-ground installation
  • Sealed Unit – No ground water infiltration or leakage
  • Labour Saving – on site costs are minimal as all components are supplied including pipework, valves, control box, and HL Alarm
  • 2 year pump warranty
  • Basement Ensuites/Bathrooms
  • Granny Flats/Beach Houses/Baches
  • Bathrooms/Laundries/Kitchen
  • Lift Pits/Carparks
  • Restaurants/Lunch Bars
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Toilets, Showers, Washhand Basins, Vanity Units
NB: These units are not designed for whole house situations. We do not guarantee that these pumps will handle sanitary products

Download Product Info Sheet – Drainbox

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